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Really Crazy = 100 urls $9.99/mo. 2000 hits/mo.
1 surf = 3 hits

Standard Nut = 50 urls $4.99/mo. 750 hits/mo.
1 surf = 2 hits

Basic Nut = 25urls $0.99/mo. 500 hits/mo.
1 surf = 1 hits

Disturbed (Free!)= 5 urls
1 surf = 0.5 hits 

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If you are a Traffic Exchange Owner go to the bottom of this page!

1 - First you will need to signup for your own Free Member Account!
2- Confirm your Registration when you receive our Welcome Email
3 - Then... you can login to your new Member Account and "Explore". You can Start Earning Credits by surfing other members websites. You just need to surf 100 websites to fully activate your account and start getting hits to your website including the 500 visitors signup bonus (it takes 20 minutes to surf 100 websites).
4 - Setup your own site links and assign them some Free Credits...
5 - Surf to Earn More Credits, Sell Credits, Buy Advertising or convert your credits in banner or link impressions.
our exchanges have a 20 second timer for free members.
You can win credits for every 25 websites visited!

Its that easy, and new sites are usually approved within 24 hours.
Upgrade your account after learning how our system can work for you!

From 5 to 10 to 15 Second Timers
500 FREE CREDITS are given to all New Members!
Earn Credits by referring others!
Win Extra Credits from Surfing Bonuses. You can win from 7 to 7777 free credits for every 25 surfed sites!

You can Purchase Banner Ads, Text Ads, or Paid to Click Ads using PayPal  or with your signup bonus credit conversion.

Here our conversion rate:
1 Website Hits (Credits) = 1 Conversion Credits
5 Banners Impressions = 1 Conversion Credits
10 Text Impressions = 1 Conversion Credits

NO popups, NO downloads, NO frame breakers, NO site rotators allowed!
Members are required to surf 100 sites to receive free credits
Only one account is allowed per person
International members are welcome!

If you don't log in to your account for 30 days your sites will be automatically suspended!

So, simply SIGNUP below and whenever you want to receive More Free Traffic just go into your account and click the Manual Surf button!

OR Surf & Chat! Our exchanges are connected with over 30 other exchanges! For a list of those exchanges CLICK HERE!

Low Cost Paid Memberships available with more URLs, credits and more:

   Crazy Standard Nut  Really Crazy
Price 0.99 1.99 2.50
Payment Type Subscription Subscription Subscription
Reward Cycle Every 30 Days Every 30 Days Every 30 Days
Subscription Cancel Manual Manual Manual
Discount on purchases 2% 4% 6%
Downline Emailer Yes Yes Yes
Traffic Exchange Section
Monthly Hits 500 750 1000
Surfing Ratio 1:1 1:2 1:3
Max Urls 10 25 50
SurfBar Type Multi Button Multi Button Multi Button
Prize Page Full Value! Full Value! Full Value!
Page Timer 20 seconds 15 seconds 10 seconds
Personal Time Deduction 2 seconds 3 seconds 4 seconds
Banner Exchange Section
Monthly Impressions 100 250 500
Banner Ratio 3:1 2:1 1:1
Banner Blow-out No No No
Max Banners 25 50 100
Text Exchange Section
Monthly Impressions 50 100 200
Text Ratio* 3:1 2:1 1:1
Max Text Adverts 25 50 100
Downline Builder Section
Max Programs 2 5 10
Link Tracker Section
Max Tracker Links 2 5 10

Are you a Traffic Exchange Owner?
Would you like to receive free credits, banner and text impressions
without surfing for the price of $0?
Follow the instructions!

[1] Sign-Up as a FREE MEMBER, log in and click on SUPPORT.
[2] Click on OPEN NEW TICKET
[3] In SUBJECT area write TE OWNERS ACCOUNT and in the message body insert the URLof your traffic exchange. Your account will be upgraded in  JV Partner and you'll receive:
- 5000 free Credits
- 1000 free Banners Impressions
- 1000 free Text Impressions
- 1000 free Conversion Credits
- Ability to add 1000 sites/banners and text ad!
[4] Then you set up an account like this in your traffic exchange for one of Mad Jack Advertising Exchanges:

Mad Jack Traffic is NOT an Internet Investment
We will not ask you to invest any money
and will not pay you interest on
any money you send us.
If you purchase goods or services from this website.
There will be no element of "investment" in that payment.
And the entire purchase price will be
for the selected goods or service

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